Onesignal-cordova-plugin but different version on IOS and Android

Is it possible to use the same plugin but different version on IOS and Android?
I tried code below but it does not work…

<platform name="android">
    <plugin name="onesignal-cordova-plugin" spec="^3.3.0" version="~3.3.0" source="npm"/>
<platform name="ios">
    <plugin name="onesignal-cordova-plugin" spec="^2.4.1" version="~2.4.1" source="npm"/>

Unfortunately, the Cordova libraries (which VoltBuilder uses) do not look at the platform when loading plugins. You will need to change the version number in your config.xml file before submitting.

What does OneSignal say? Do they plan to update the version so it is the same on both platforms?

I use 2.4.1 version on my app and I dont plan to change now…
When I submit to voltbuilder upload, 2.4.1 version is accepted on IOS but not on Android…
I have to change to 3.3.0 version to build to Android…