OneSignal Cordova push notification with error missing Push Capability

My last build version worked fine.

But after yesterday build then Dashboard OneSignal noticed the following error in the “Audience” > “All Users”.

Missing Push Capability

I am use then i don’t have Xcode for this config!

Any suggestions to solve the above error, thanks

I think this might be the same issue as I have: iOS: Missing aps-environment in entitlement

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We think this may be the case as well.

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I sent support to onesignal and got a reply:

If you are getting an error that you are missing a push capability, then either the entitlements.plist or the p12 itself is missing the Push Notifications capability.
Add this on both the cert and through the IDE and make sure that everything matches up on your end?

In September builds. I didn’t need to configure anything but it still works fine.

Have a look at this - it may solve the problem.

It looks like there is a bug with iOS Push Notifications for certain plugins on Xcode 14.

We can’t fix the plugins, but we will be providing a workaround to let you build using Xcode 13 today. We’ll also give whatever help we can to the maintainers of the plugins.

Feel free to contact us at support if you would like to use the workaround.