Openstreetmap-App with Voltbuilder for ios not working

I have problems with Voltbuilder for ios and CORS.

I have tested nsb appbuilder project “LeafletMap”. This project has 2 buttons. button1 goes to a map with fixed latitude/longitude and runs well. Button2 uses geolocation and tries to find my location. This works in webbrowser on macos but not as output from Voltbuilder for ios as iphone app.
My own app I am developing gives the message “geolocation error: origin does not have permission to use geolocation service.”.
Following I have done in my project:

  1. Inserted CSP in projects contentProjectSecurity

  2. inserted cordova-plugin-geolocation in config.xml

  3. inserted

     <plugin name="cordova-plugin-geolocation">
     <variable name="GEOLOCATION_USAGE_DESCRIPTION" value="WhiteScout requires access to your location in order to get position of your ski-area." />
    Allow the app to know your location Allow the app to know your location

I have all this done without success.
For testing purposes it would be helpful, when you could make test-app “LeafletMap” runable as output from Voltbuilder-ios.

Thank you.