Outage this evening - do a refresh!

We have just completed some upgrades to the site.

As a result, some of the IP numbers have changed. This will resolve itself automatically over time as various caches get updated.

If you’re having trouble accessing a page, do a refresh and it should clear up.

Let us know if you are still having problems.

Still having problems. Keep getting the following error:

Error -1 returned from VoltBuilder: Could not authenticate API Credentials: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='api.volt.build', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /v1/authenticate/ (Caused by ConnectTimeoutError(<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x1197e51f0>, 'Connection to api.volt.build timed out. (connect timeout=30)'))

First rebuild since update to and server outage this morning. Cleared application cache. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

It’s likely your computer or router is caching the old DNS records. You might try rebooting both and then trying again. Sorry about the inconvenience. We had an issue with our upstream provider.

Did both, but no luck as yet. I’ll give my ISP time to refresh their CDN, DNS, or whatever TLA applies in this case.


One option, if you continue to have problems, is to switch you computer’s DNS to use a third party DNS like Google: Get Started  |  Public DNS  |  Google Developers

Hopefully this will all be resolved in another hour or two. If not, please let us know and we can try to find another solution.

That worked. Thank you.

Went back to my ISP settings and now all works fine.