Platform specific plugins in config.xml

Not directly related to Volt but is it possible to put platform specific plugins into config.xml?
Like <widget><platform name=“ios”><plugin … /></platform></widget>.
From my test I feel these entries are ignored, so they have to be below widget tag.
So in case different plugin versions are required for different platforms I would need two different builds/config files.
Any insight on this would be appreciated.

Oddly enough, this can’t be done (that I know of).

While you can use the tag to separate preferences, it seems the <plugin…> tag ignores the platform.

This isn’t something we have control over - it’s how Cordova works. Here’s a discussion of this issue on their website.

Thanks for the confirmation anyway.

I’d bring this up on the cordova slack channel. Several of the core developers hang out there and they may have specific reasons as to why that’s not been implemented.

Personally, I’ve run up against this problem where version x of some plugin works on the latest Android but not on iOS and but the newer version y works on iOS and not on Android.