Please help me Can't open URL

Please help me out! I can’t open website link or any external url, please please help me…!!

Could you supply some more information?

  1. What platform are you on?

  2. Have you checked the console for error messages?

Here are a couple of links which might help:

Remote Debugging

CORS errors

Hy, thanks for your responds, i do appreciation.
I’m using Android platform,
And there’s no any problems shows.

I’m glad with your responds.

By console, I mean the remote console on the Android device. From your description of the problem, that is the likeliest place to see the problem. Can you enclose a screen shot?

I didn’t get you, but here’s screenshot from the app when i click the link.

And this is docx results

And this is my config.xml i used

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8' ?> Nigerian's Programmers A NigHub Client application kabirplaza

Lastly this is my VoltBuilder.json
{ “platform”:“android”, “release”:“debug”}

Thank you so much… For your feedback on my issues, i love you…

That’s a screenshot of the app - but I would like one of the Console on the Remote Debugger. That’s where I think you will see the error.

Please use Chrome Remote Debugging and send the screen shot.