Plugins not accepted

Hi, Please help us to get the list of whitelisted plugins by voltbuilder.
Because some of the below plugins that we used before are not working now in voltbuilder

<plugin name="cordova-sqlite-storage" source="npm"/>
<plugin name="cordova-sqlite-ext" source="npm"/>

<plugin name="cordova-clipboard" source="npm"/>
<plugin name="cordova-clipboard-plugin" source="npm"/>

<plugin name="cordova-keychain-aes" source="npm"/>
<plugin spec="" source="git"/>

<plugin name="sc-cordova-plugin-email-composer" source="npm"  />   
<plugin name="tve-cordova-plugin-email-composer" source="npm" /> 

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-directions" source="npm" />
<plugin name="cordova-plugin-geolocation-ios-fixed" source="npm"  />  

Please help us to get these plugins available on our Voltbuilder.

cordova-sqlite-storage - should work OK.

cordova-clipboard - looks like a reasonable plugin for inclusion - but you don’t need a plugin for this.

cordova-keychain-aes - This was last updated 3 years ago. Nobody has downloaded it in the last week. There is no github repository. Are people using something else for this?

sc-cordova-plugin-email-composer - Last updated 3 years ago, only 3 people used it last week? Why not use cordova-plugin-email-composer, which is widely use and on the green list?

cordova-plugin-directions - Last updated 4 years ago, used by only 30 people last week. You might want to see if there is something more widely used and up to date.

Now this plugin cordova-sqlite-storage is working.
We’ve updated the plugin cordova-plugin-email-composer and removed the clipboard plugin & use the way you mentioned.

Please help us to whitelist these below plugins.

cordova-keychain-aes was used to saved the password related data to keychain on ios, we need it, please help us.

cordova-plugin-geolocation-ios-fixed - This plugin also we needed.

We’ll have another look at those plugins.

I suggest you look for alternatives. Neither is widely used or been updated for many years. There must be plugins that other people are using which are better supported.

Those two plugins have been added. Give them a try!

Those 2 plugins are working properly now, Thanks…