Possible Caching issue with IOS Build

I have an error that seems to be from Facebook Connect “Facebook Login” with IOS Build, here is the part from the log file:

ERROR: ERROR ITMS-90158: The following URL schemes found in your app are not in the correct format: [fb$APP_ID]. URL schemes need to begin with an alphabetic character, and be comprised of alphanumeric characters, the period, the hyphen or the plus sign only. Please see RFC1738 for more detail.

The problem is that I have remove Facebook Plugin entirely from the config.xml and the error is still there

So can this be a caching issue with IOS?

No, it cannot be caching. VoltBuilder does a complete reset between jobs - we do not keep any of the work files after the job completes.

The error message is being returned by Apple. After you upload to them, it does some sophisticated analysis of your code. That’s where it is finding the problem.

You may have removed the Facebook plugin you were using, but did you remove all references to Facebook in your code? (The problem may have nothing to do with Facebook. The only thing which indicates the message may have something to do with Facebook is that the error report has the letters “fb” in it. It could be a coincidence)

I changed the apple account that I’m submitting to and the error disappeared and the build was successful, Thanks for the suggestion