Problem with annual account treating us as free account

No reponse for a week now from George or support, is everything ok with you guys?
We have an annual account, paid in full, but received the following error.

Project is larger then allowed for Plan Free.
See to get a 30 day trial which does not have this limit.
Build a5a4d99a-d4f5-47fb-b0df-a16b4fd13061 failed

Sorry about that - I can’t find your original message anywhere. No need to wait a week - if you haven’t heard from us in a day, you can assume we didn’t get the message.

I think it’s fixed now - give it a try!

Still same error.

Can you try logging out and logging in again?

I login, logout, login again
But I cannot copy API Credentials to Clipboard for some reason. Is there a way to send you our step by step instruction to recreate this?

If you paste to a text editor or word processor, do you see a string?

We login to our account, click on plan setting, and the copy API credential flashed and disappeared. Please see video:

It looks like you’re signed up at the Indy level which doesn’t have API access. I’ve created an issue to resolve the confusing flashing. It simply shouldn’t be appearing.

Let me know if I can help further. Thanks!

@artlogic is correct - the standard Indy level does not have API support.

However, I notice you also have an AppStudio account. There’s a special licence in that case: did you see this article on VoltBuilder for AppStudio users?

Contact directly and we’ll help you switch over.