Problem with ios build

When I build for ios a new “identifier” of my app is automatically generated for the build. In fact, I find it in the “Identifiers” in my Apple developer account. This does not allow my iOS app to receive push notifications. Any suggestions to solve the problem?

It sounds like you are automatically uploading to App Store Connect. I would suggest making sure the identifier in your config.xml matches the one in App Store Connect exactly. Also you can certainly add capabilities to your identifier after the fact (like push notifications).

If you’re still having issues, please share a screenshot of the identifier that’s being automatically created along with the contents of your config.xml.

Yes the problem was the identifier. I also discovered that it wasn’t voltbuilder that created a new one but my incorrect use of a program to upload the .ipa file to my iPhone. I apologize.

No worries!

Keep in mind that voltbuilder gives you the tools to upload to App Store Connect as well as to simply scan a QR code to install the app on your iPhone. You shouldn’t need to use 3rd party tools.

Thanks, now my tests will be extremely faster.