Provisioning profile is not an iOS App Development profile

Try building iOS - it works in PGB - doubled checked

Provisioning profile is not an iOS App Development profile.
You can fix this by referencing the correct mobileprovision file in voltbuilder.json

Build ID: f0b94eee-0078-4807-916f-bf0682e709a7

You’re probably using a different profile in PhoneGap than VoltBuilder. The safest thing to do is get a fresh mobileprovision file from Apple.

Looking at your project, it seems your mobile provision file is named tv2b_adhoc.mobileprovision. That suggests it’s an ad-hoc provision file, not a development profile.

Tried just now building for PGB and VoltBuilder for publishing and for debug, and all work fine.

Hi Admin -
MY mistake - I had put my certificates in development instead of distrubution -
BUT now I get a completely different error:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘’

Build ID: 3ca68a91-9e17-4884-ad31-aedf1161ec23

The problem is in your voltbuilder.json file. You’re building for debug/development, but you don’t specify a development .p12 file.

    "androidAlias": "",
    "androidAliasPassword": "",
    "androidDname": "",
    "androidKeystore": "",
    "androidKeystorePassword": "",
    "iosDevP12": "",
    "iosDevP12Password": "",
    "iosDevelopment": "",
    "iosDistP12": "certificates/TV2B Adhoc.p12",
    "iosDistP12Password": "Pauk7952",
    "iosDistribution": "certificates/tv2b_adhoc.mobileprovision",
    "iosPackageType": "ad-hoc",
    "platform": "ios",
    "release": "debug",
    "serial": "xxx-xxx-xxx"

Not sure I follow - My p12 is an Distribution Certificate
and mobileprovision made Distribution - ad-hoc

They work fine in PGB ?

If you look at the release property in voltbuilder.json, it is set to debug. Try changing that to release.

SOLVED -Thanks working :slight_smile: