Screenshots for iOS on Windows

I am developing on Windows and I am trying to take screenshots of my iOS app, in order to release it on the app Store. It seems that the physical devices that I have in my hands are not the main categories (by screen size) asked by app Store, but rather subcategories. This means I probably have to use some service to do so.

  1. Does anyone know of any good (and preferably free) online service or Windows emulator etc. to do the trick easily and cost-effectively?

  2. In my own search I found that looks like is capable of taking screenshots for some(!) of the main screen size categories asked by app Store -which means that I will need a second service for the rest-. The thing here is that they ask to upload (a .zip file that contains) my app in a .app format/bundle, see here:
    On my builds on Volt Builder though, I see that I get a .ipa format in return. How do I create this .app format?

Thank you

Just recently, someone posted about their work tools and one of those was a site they used for emulators. I would think you could take the screenshots from within the emulators.

Root around the forums and see if you can find that post.

Found it. it was the that you referenced. is a site also.

Lots of iOS and Android devices. I used it for the App Store, Google Play and Amazon…

I was just coming back to post browswerstack. LOL