ServerError: Cordova platform add for android failed

I’m presenting an error when i try to compiled an app, the log say that can not install android, but this app i haved compiled the last thuesday and i don’t change anything in my config.xml, can you look what is happening, thanks.

The application is, and the account with i try to compile is

We’re having a look…

We took a look at the logs from your build and we’re thinking that one of your plugins updated and that’s what’s causing the issue. We noticed that very few of your plugins are pinned to a version and this can lead to cordova choosing the most recent plugin with each build, which can lead to problems. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to fix this:

  1. Go through your plugins looking for ones that were updated recently. Set the spec on each of them to the last known working version. This can be a little tedious but it’s probably the quickest way to solve this issue.
  2. We noticed you’ve pinned your project to Android Engine 10. Updating to 11 is probably a good idea. It will take more time and you may have to choose new plugins for some functionality, but in the end it will make your project more stable.

Let us know if you can’t find the plugin that’s causing the problem and we’ll try to help!