Social sharing plugin is not working

I am using the social sharing plugin it is working fine for below android 12 but for android 12 aab is not accepting in play store.

Please suggest any new plugin or what i need to change so that it will work

It would help if you gave more information:

What plugin are you using? (there are 5 social sharing plugins on the list)

What error message are you getting?

We may not be able to help (we’re not experts on 3rd party plugins) but someone here may have experienced this already.

I am usnig plugin name = “cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing” version=“6.0.3” …

and this type of error shownig on building apk…

You need to set android:exported.

Read more here.

Already tried set android exported true…
but still not working

This is the whole XML file

I don’t see android:exported="true" in that XML file.

This is new Xml File

and this is error when change XML file . android exported true

When you’re having trouble with a plugin, one of the first things to do is check its repo. It will have an Issues tab, listing problems people are having and possible solutions:

Cordova Social Sharing plugin repo

In this case, the plugin looks like it was last updated almost 2 years ago - which is a danger signal.

If you look under the Issues tab, lots of people are reporting problems with the plugin and Android 12.

This is a fork of that plugin prepared for Android 12 and it is already on Volt’s approved plugins list because I had that same problem and they added it when compiling:

Please suggesst a plugin for social sharing which can work fine with android 12.

thanx.I’ll try to use this plugin