SQLite and iOS 14.4

I have a simple native app that uses SQLite. If I use either of these plugins, the app runs fine on Android 10 and on iOS 12.4.9.
When I run it on iOS 14.4 I get “SQLite not supported”.


Anyone know about any SQLite changes and iOS 14.4?

Thank you

We’re seeing something funny here too. We’re looking at it.

I don’t think there is a problem with iOS 14.4.

Don’t use cordova-sqlite-storage . It doesn’t work with VoltBuilder.

cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free should work fine. I notice you’re using AppStudio - we found a problem there. We will follow up on the AppStudio forum about that issue.

I also use the cordova-sqlite-storage plugin. It still works fine for me on IOS 14.3 and it is listed on the VoltBuilder approved plugins list (along with many hundreds of more obscure plugins) so I don’t know why “It doesn’t work with VoltBuilder”. In that case my two current working database apps are in trouble. Is this just an IOS 14.4 thing?

Yes, cordova-sqlite-storage will also work.

That plugin was not allowed under PhoneGap, but appears to work well with VoltBuilder.