Strange build problem - version number

I submitted an iOS build of my app LR-Lite, with version number 7.03. However, what was submitted to Apple was version 7.3 of SAM-Lite, which was a previous incarnation of SAM-Lite before a rebranding exercise. I’ve checked the config.xml file and the name is clearly LR-Lite and the version is 7.03. Of course, App Store Connect does not pick up this build when I try to submit a new version for release. The downloaded .ipa file is clearly called LR-Lite.release.v7.03.ipa. What’s gone wrong? Should I just submit the build again?

Apple version numbers are based on the semver rules, which are designed to eliminate ambiguity in version naming.

So, “7.03” is the same as “7.3”. I think what you mean is “7.0.3”

OK, that’s fine, I’m happy to leave it as 7.3. However, the more serious problem is the incorrect name. Here’s the name parameter from config.xml:
How could that have been changed to SAM-Lite? The app has been successfully built at LR-Lite before and is currently live on the App Store under that name

built as LR-Lite

Have you tried opening the entire project in an editor and searching for “SAM-Lite”?

It can’t come from VoltBuilder. It doesn’t keep information from your last job around - complete amnesia.

It doesn’t occur anywhere else in the project! There’s a couple of references to an even earlier incarnation where it was called “SAM-LiteSentiment” but nowhere is the pure string SAM-Lite except in some of the HTML, where it was used as the name of a css style.

The only other possibility is that Apple has made some connection because the bundle ID has not been changed. However, that doesn’t explain how it built with the correct name before. I’ll try making a version number change and resubmitting. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try changing the bundle ID

It must be due to bundle ID. I completely recreated the app on Apple Connect and made a new provisioning profile with a new bundle ID and it generated fine. What a faff! That’s a few hours of my life I won’t get back