String did not match expected pattern

While I have still the blank ios screen issue, I tried to convert another app.

I built it both deve and distribution, but here I also have an error.
Debbuging it I found a different error:

The messa ge is “The String did not match the expected pattern”… can you give me some hints here?

This one is also a runtime error, not an error created by VoltBuilder.

I’m not sure this is part of the problem, but you’re using jQuery 2.2.3. It has a number of known security issues. The current version is 3.5.1.

Just for information, I have just tried another online compiler (I can email to you its name and all the details to spot the issue) and it works

Yes, please do!

Thanks for sending me the information.

The other online compiler which @piero.alberto used was Monaca (a competitor). Digging into it, we found that Monaca was using cordova-ios 5.0.1. That version is obsolete: apps using it won’t be accepted into the App Store.

We tried VoltBuilder again, this time also using cordova-ios 5.1.1. The app compiled and ran properly, showing the problems are the result of changes in iOS and Apple’s requirements, not from VoltBuilder.

BTW, here are Monaca’s build options. They’re seriously behind in their updates.

For the iOS platform, VoltBuilder uses iOS 6.1.1, while Monaca can only do 5.1.1. (Same as PhoneGap)

For the Android platform, Voltbuilder uses 9.0.0 while Monaca is on 8.1.0 That is also very old: the last version before 12 was 11.7.

For Xcode, Voltbuilder using 12.0, while Monaca is on 11.3. That is also very old: the last version before 12 was 11.7.

Here is a screenshot of the Monica build options:

Hi Is this issue fixed? If it fixed can you please put the steps here. I am also having the same issue.

What’s the exact error message you are getting?

Blank IOS screen. The above user also using devextreme component.

This is a different issue. You’re not getting “String does not match…”.