Toggling between UIWebview and WKwebview

I need to be able to toggle between UIWebview and WKwebview for my app. I made the mistake of using indexDB and didn’t realize it wouldn’t carry over to the new web view. So I need to be able to create a patch release to save my user’s data before bringing them to the new web view. Would it be possible to make the plugin an optional feature?

How would the patch release be distributed?

If it is through the iTunes Store, I don’t think it will be approved by Apple if it uses UIWebView.

I believe that Apple still allows UIwebview for apps that are already existing on the store until the end of the year. My app is currently on the store and they only provide a warning and not an error when I provided a UIwebview app

That’s an interesting possibility. Can you copy the URL of your job and send it to me directly?

I’d like to run some tests here.

Hold off on sending me that - I think I’ve found a way to do the same thing here.

Give this a try!