Translating Articulate Storyline Created App


I have created an activity in the Storyline Articulate authoring tool. I then converted it to an app. What would be the best way of translating it.
One option is to translate the Storyline content and then convert it into an app. Is there a recommended way to do it after the conversion?



We don’t know much about the Storyline Articulate tool. What kind of apps does it create? What do you mean when you say “translating” it? Are you talking about internationalization or some kind of code translation/transpiliation?


Thanks for your message.

Storyline 360 is an authoring tool that creates HTML content - it does not produce any apps. It creates elearning. I used it to create an activity. I converted it into an app to be able to use it without a browser or internet access. The app is only going to be installed on tablets and will not be available in any shop.

I will need to have it translated. The usual way (before converting it into the ap) would be to export json files or XLIFF files and then reimport the translated files back into Storyline. Then save the file as another language version.

So my question is: is there a way to do it in a more automated way (to translate the app) by adding some plugin/script etc?

Thank you

We aren’t aware of any kind of automatic translation plugins, but I’m certain something could be created. However having some experience in the matter, I would suggest that automatic translations might not be very high quality. We’ve had much better luck having humans do the translation.

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