Update app in play store: Incorrect androidAlias or androidAliasPassword

We were used devexpress tool to bulid andriod app and uploaded to playstore. Earlier we have used only certificate and certificate password, but currently we needed to use alais and alais password while bulding the app in volt builder.
Once builded the app unable to update in play store for our existing app.
Could you please assist us to overcome this issue asap.

For “androidAlias” use “google”. For “androidAliasPassword” use the same password as your “androidKeystorePassword”. These are the values I use.

Still I am getting the below error,

UserError: Incorrect androidAlias or androidAliasPassword in keystore. You can correct this in voltbuilder.json

What type of keystore are you using? A pkcs12 (.p12) or a Java keystore (.jks or .keystore)?

I am using .p12.

How was it generated?

It was generated in Devextreme Project build.package.

You can use the following command to get information about your .p12 file: openssl pkcs12 -info -in yourcert.p12

The openssl command is available on macOS, and can be downloaded for windows here: OpenSSL for Windows - Browse Files at SourceForge.net

There are certain lines in the output you want to identify:

Bag Attributes
    friendlyName: key0
    localKeyID: 4E 45 F2 AF EB 18 AC 4F 7D 9D 66 02 02 9E 8D 8B A8 84 4E 2F 

The friendlyName is the androidAlias. You’ll need to type in two passwords. The second “PEM pass phrase” is your androidAliasPassword.

If you have trouble with this process, or would prefer one of our support staff to help, please contact us directly.


Its worked thanks for your support.