Upgrade Android target version to 29

Hello, can you please help me with my building issues? This issue has appeared after we increased our Android target version from 28 to 29. Now it requires the minimal version to be at least 22 instead of 19, which is unacceptable for us. Is there any solution that does not require minimal version increase?

Here’s a chart showing API levels and Android OS levels. What Android is telling you is that to support Android 10, you’re going to have to give up support for Android 5.0, 4.4 and 4.3.

As of August 3, you need to use API 29 to have your app accepted in the Google Play Store.

You can specify that you want to use a lower spec (if you don’t care about the Store):

As of my understanding, manual tampering with cordova android project files can lower min sdk to 19. Can you, please, implenement this as an experimental option, perhaps?

More specifically:


Why do you want to build for such an old SDK? Your app will not be accepted by Google.

You could try using this technique:

<engine name="android" spec="8.0.0" />