Upload debug app to itunes


I’m trying to build and deploy a debuggable version of an IOS application to iTunes, The build is successfully done but I can’t see it uploaded to Testflight for testing

Is the deployment restricted to released applications only?

NB: I have the three parameters in place: itunesAccount, itunesAppPassword, itunesShortName

That’s as expected - the iTunes Store only allows release builds, not debug.

I thought that I need to upload debuggable app to Testflight

So, how can i install a debug ipa file to the IPhone ?

According to this thread: How to share app in debug mode? | Apple Developer Forums

TestFlight doesn’t require that you submit release builds. It should accept a debug build just fine.

I didn’t notice the Testflight part - that should be OK.

Are there any messages in the log?

When I want to share an app for testing, I usually add the test user’s UDIDs into iTunes Connect, then create a mobileprovision file which includes them. That way, Testflight isn’t needed.

The log is Normal but there is no sign of uploading the app to iTunes


Running command: xcodebuild -exportArchive -archivePath Market Stacks Demo.xcarchive -exportOptionsPlist /platforms/ios/exportOptions.plist -exportPath /platforms/ios/build/device
2023-02-19 09:42:13.956 xcodebuild[9295:33247] [MT] IDEDistribution: -[IDEDistributionLogging _createLoggingBundleAtPath:]: Created bundle at path "/var/folders/yt/trzyflms0m32_93wjjgy7dq00000gn/T/Market Stacks Demo_2023-02-19_09-42-13.955.xcdistributionlogs".
Exported Market Stacks Demo to: /platforms/ios/build/device

2023-02-19 09:42:18,874 - reset_keychain
2023-02-19 09:42:18,903 - Output: 
2023-02-19 09:42:18,904 - PERFORMANCE: Elapsed: 95.43
2023-02-19 09:42:18,904 - NAME: Market Stacks Demo

I don’t understand the steps that should be done in this case, How the application will be added automatically after building through voltbuild?

VoltBuilder doesn’t currently support automatic uploading of Debug apps. We’ll have a look into changing that.

Are you trying to get a test app in the hands of your users, or do you specifically need to use TestFlight?