User management


Are there any plans to make user management a little better? Currently when you’re outside the forum (for example in, you can’t get to the user management from anywhere directly at least as far as I can see. From the place you’d expect to get there, i.e. the top right corner with your profile picture, you can only get to the plan settings.

Through the forum, you can get to the user management, but even there, when for example changing the email, it only applies to the forum. So it seems you can’t change your email with which you login to the service itself.

It’d seem you also can’t change your credit card info either (and I’d like to do that :frowning: ), or even delete it if you wished. I suppose you could make a request through email to change your account’s email, but sending credit card information through email is a big no no, so at least that would seem like a pretty important feature to have.

I guess one solution would be to make a new account of course…

If you can change the data somewhere here, feel free to correct me of course.

Thanks! You raise a number of good points.

You are right: the login to the forum is separate from We’re looking at improving that.

Updating the credit card should also be possible. We’re using Stripe as our back end. We have more configuration to do there.

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