UserError: fatal error: 'Cordova/CDVUIWebViewDelegate.h' file not found

Hello again

release IOS:

UserError: fatal error: ‘Cordova/CDVUIWebViewDelegate.h’ file not found

tipically we can fix this error with an update of the cordova ios platform.
But how can make it for voltbuilder?
Are there some changes? i’m new of this method


This is caused by one of your plugins. UIWebView is obsolete: chances are, one of your plugins is still trying to use it.

Ok guys i have found the solution with your help
Cordova plugin inappbrowser was obsolete for ios6.0.0
Upgrading Inappbrowser to 4.0.0. Solves the problem!

We had not problem with this on phonegap because it uses and old version of ios