UserError: fatal error: 'Cordova/CDVUserAgentUtil.h'

UserError: fatal error: ‘Cordova/CDVUserAgentUtil.h’ file not found You probably have a plugin which directly or indirectly uses UIWebView, which is no longer supported by Apple. A common reason is including cordova-plugin-uiwebview-engine in your project. Starting with cordova-ios 6.1, this is replaced by WKWebView, which is included automatically

Give proper solution - I am not able to find the solution on google. If you need any project related info, let me know, but give a proper understanding and solution…

Hope you reply fast…

Everyone gets this one. It’s part of the change in iOS. You need to remove or update any plugin with uses UIWebView.

There is more information about this in our documentation and in Cordova’s.

Can help me to find the UIWebView supporting plugin name ? I am using below plugins only

Abhishek Mishra

I am using below plugins- can you tell me which plugin was causing issue

Its a request to your team to improve your tutorials and make some youtube educational videos.

You can get the plugin name by looking in the the log. It’s there, near the error message.