UserError: ld: framework not found Pods_**** clang: error

I’m trying to compile my app and I get this error:

UserError: ld: framework not found Pods_vale_ncia_activa clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

I’m quite sure the problem is related to special chars in the tag in config.xml, because it compiles ok with another app that hasn’t any special char in that tag, and the rest is exactly the same

There are the offending tags

<name>valència activa</name>
  valència activa

My config.xml file is encoded in utf8

Has anybody found the same error?
Does this tag appear as the name of the app in the stores? If it’s not the case, I could avoid that special chars


First thing to try is to change the name so it doesn’t have special characters.

Yes, another app works OK, but you can’t be sure until you try it with this app.

If I remove the special char, it compiles ok.

Thanks for your attention

This isn’t something we have control over - you will have to leave them out.

I really need to support special characters.

I have been able to use special characters in names, with PhonegapBuilder in the past. And Apple absolutely supports special characters in app names.

My issue is that I have a business app already on Appstore where I need to update the app and the app name contains “ø”. It’s really not an option to change the business identity and an existing app.

There must be some way to make this work?

Ok as this is an iOS error, i’ll post a solution here for posterity:

Keep the name tag, but avoid using special characters:

Then add the following in config, to set a DisplayName:

<platform name="ios">
        <edit-config file="*-Info.plist" mode="merge" target="CFBundleDisplayName">

Excellent - thank you for posting the solution!