Using WKWebView instead of UIwebview


It seems that there is a plugin that is still using the UIWebView that I can’t identify except by using XCode search, But since we are using voltbuild in our build process then I wonder if it is possible for someone from voltbuild team to do the search in a certain project to help in identifying the problem?

I can think of a couple ways to do this:

  1. Look at the log for occurrences of UIWebView. You may be able to figure out the plugin from that.

  2. Do builds leaving groups of plugins out until you isolate which one is causing the problem. We don’t end up with a working app to do this - it just needs to compile with VoltBuilder.

Here is the log:

but I can’t guess from it the name of the plugin causing the issue :confused:

I had a quick look and didn’t see anything obvious. Time for the second way.