VoltBuilder API

We’re working on an API for VoltBuilder. If you need to send jobs to VoltBuilder automatically, please tell us more about your needs!

What means to send jobs to VB “automatically”?

Sending jobs to VoltBuilder programmatically. This is useful if you have a front end program to create and submit builds.

With PBG we sent a ZIP folder and then had to poll for a download link. It’d be great if a webhook call could be made once built with a download link to save having to poll.

That’s in interesting idea. We’ll have a look at it, but there’s some other stuff we need to get done first on the API.

Thank you!

Is there any Estimate time for the API to be ready ?

The only thing left is documentation. We’re working on that now.

Great News, Can’t wait to test it

For anyone who wants to use the VoltBuilder API to submit jobs: What programming environment are you using now? Node? Python? Something else?

We are using PHP

The API is available now: