VoltBuilder generates ios_distribution.p12 for both distribution and development

At VoltBuilder iOS step 5, I uploaded a new development.cer file but the ios_distribution.p12 is generated instead. I renamed that to ios_development and used it to build my project but the build failed because the p12 is indeed a distribution certificate.
UserError: error: Provisioning profile “development” doesn’t include signing certificate “Apple Distribution”.

Is this a problem of Apple or VoltBuilder?

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 17-15-57 VoltSigner

Try the process carefully again - it’s possible you got the wrong .cer file from Apple.

Let me know what happens!

I went back to generate a new certificate and I realized that last time I picked the first item which is Apple Development. I selected iOS App Development this time and it is working again. The message about ios_distribution is a little misleading but it was my mistake.

Thank you again for the prompt response! Really appreciate it.