VoltBuilder now uploads to iTunes

What can I say. It just…works :slight_smile: Excellent feature! – Christian, Beta tester

VoltBuilder can now automatically upload your app to iTunes App Connect at the end of your build.

By adding your username and an app-specific password, the upload becomes another step in the build. There is nothing else to set up. Once your app is uploaded by VoltBuilder, you can send it on to Apple’s approval process to be released in the store, or to TestFlight for further testing by your users.

Any messages returned by Apple as part of the upload process are returned by VoltBuilder as usual.

You do not need a Mac to upload your apps. This is clearly of benefit if you do not have a Mac. It’s also of help for people who run their build process on Windows, but have to copy their app to a Mac (or MacInCloud session) so they can upload.

Setting up Upload to iTunes


I used this feature for the first time today. Just. Awesome. Well done!

Thank you! We had a hunch we were to something with this one. :slight_smile: