VoltBuilder returning Error


UserError: Source path does not exist: resources/android/icon/drawable-hdpi-icon.png

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It is pulling this from the config.xml. I have only modified the “name” and “widget id” attributes from “Helloworld” and “Helloworld” respectively. Is it something I have done?

The message means it cannot find this file. The filename comes from config.xml. Do you have your upload folder configured like this?

I have simply downloaded the config file and made just 2 changes to it as outlined in the topic, everything else belongs to the original config.xml. What is the solution?

Do you have a resources folder in your zip?

Should I leave the config as is and not modify anything?

Yes, with just 2 .png images.

Does it have resources/android/icon/drawable-hdpi-icon.png?

hangon, i see what happened, it is saved as .jpg rather then .png. How can I make this work without going back to the Photoshop?

it has, only the resources is uploaded by me, rest is added by the xml

I will save it as png and have another go.

I even changed to name of the icon to: drawable-hdpi-icon.png and it is still not working.

Is there a resolution to this? What am I doing wrong?

Is anyone there?

my folders: resources/bnw.png


If this structure wrong, how can I fix it?

Have a look at your config file. Are ALL the files listed present in your resources folder? Do they have the exact same file paths?