WebP images not loading

Hi All,

First time using voltbuilder, and i’ve just taken our existing PWA and dropped it it.

Had a couple of minor issues that ive managed to work out with some file references not being quite right, however the big one I can’t work out is that webp images are not showing at all.

Did some remote debugging and it’s behaving like the webp files aren’t even there (on the localhost server).

This feels like it must be something i’m doing wrong, but can’t work it out, or find any info on this.

Can anyone point me the right way?

Thanks for reaching out - that’s odd. Are you developing on iOS or Android?

At the moment thats on android, havent tried for ios yet as need to sort out the certificates.

If it helps at all, this is what I did.

I downloaded the zip file from GitHub - voltbuilder/sample: Simple app for VoltBuilder and then took out existing PWA and dropped it into the www folder.

Our dashboard page uses png files for the icons and this works correctly, the login process that uses firebase works correctly, but when we get into our gallery where all the images are webp, they just show up as not found images.

I tried changing the path to the images, we normally use root relative paths (/_files/type/id.webp), I tried changing these to different things (./_files/type/id.webp, …/_files_type/id.webp and https://localhost/_files/type/id.webp) but got the same results.

Made a lot of guesses, and a bit of trail and error, but it seems that _files is some sort of reserved name, changing the folder name where we store images seems to of resolved the problem. Not sure if it was just the underscore, or if it was the full name.

Hopefully helps someone in the future if they come across this