Webpage not available

Hi all,

How do i solve this

Webpage not available



You didn’t include this, but I’m guessing you built this project using VoltBuilder and are running it on an Android device.

Are there any messages in the Chrome Console?

Well, its a WordPress application i am trying to convert into an android app using voltbuilder.

Happy to help with this!

Are there any messages in the Chrome Console?

No. Just this. I can share the APK if you wish.

Yes, send me the apk. I’ll try it here.

ok. Please hold. Thanks

I can’t seem to be able to upload the apk here

Would you build it again? It’s too old to download.

ok i wiil. Thanks

Please try this. Thanks

I’m running it here. What do I have to do to see the message?

When you off your internet and when navigating the website. Instead of showing internet connection lost.

This doesn’t sound like problem caused by VoltBuilder.

That is the standard Chrome error code. You cannot see “Connection lost”.
And whatever the case may be, the webpage is still unavailable, so that’s what Chrome would show you.
Remember that it is still a browser regardless of being bundled as an .apk