WebSQL replacement for local DB

I am returning to an uncompleted app I was working on a couple of years ago with a view to completing it now using VoltBuilder as PGB is now dead. My question is that the app was written using WebSQL which I believe is no longer supported by iOS. So I’ve been looking at rewriting the code using IndexedDB via JStore which should be okay when done, but I’m not clear whether I actually need to do this. I.e. would the app run using WebSQL once packaged as an apk or ipo?
TIA for any pointers on this.

Use a WebSQL plugin - they work great.

Fun fact: on most browsers (Chrome excepted) IndexedDB is built on top of WebSQL.

Okay, so is there a tutorial anywhere for this? Or can you let me know where I can find a suitable plugin so I can read up on how to use it?
At the moment my code just uses the standard WEBSql instructions (e.g INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, etc) so when I’m testing the app in a browser (e.g. Chrome) before packaging it as an app how do I test it locally in a browser if I need a plugin?
I’m not looking for my code to be written for me - I just need to be pointed in the right direction or have a few pointers about how I can test in a broswer when a plugin is needed.

Here’s the plugin I used in a recent project for a customer:

<plugin name="cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free" source="npm" />

You can read more about it here.

They have pretty good documentation - a good place to get started.