What IDEs is everybody using for IOS app development?

I am very much a novice and have been using Mobione and My Eclypse to write, compile and deploy my IOS app. Some of the plugins I was using no longer work using VoltBuilder. And I am at a dead end with those old IDEs anyway. So looks like I may have to rewrite my app using other software.

I really need an IDE so I can drag and drop to design my app.

What IDEs is everyone else using, or do they recommend for someone to easily write their apps?

NSB/AppStudio - using VoltBuilder is built-in to the IDE…You’ll like it!!


VoltBuilder is framework independent - it will work just as well no matter what tooling, frameworks and libraries you have.

It’s done by the same team that develops AppStudio, but isn’t tied to AppStudio in any way. We feel it’s important the products remain independent.

Either NetBeans or Visual Studio Code, but mainly the prior still. VSC handles PHP, JavaScript, Python and C/C++ better IMO, so I’m moving towards it, but I like NetBeans’ project concept.

Thanks guys so much for the recommendation. I have checked NSB/AppStudio out and I think I’m going to like it, like you said. It is very similar to the environment I was programming in before and I think will be easy learning curve. I will have to rewrite my program as I don’t think much will port over.
I have used visual studio to write Windows programs, but have yet to figure out how to turn that code into a mobile app.

Thank you very much for the recommendations,