When to rebuild an app?

I am getting ready to put my app on the App Store and Google Play.

What is the most straight-forward way for me to know if/when my app needs to be rebuilt and uploaded again?

I’m assuming the Voltbuilder Team is keenly aware of the changes that Apple and Google make at any point in time that would affect an existing app??

Do you post notices that alert us to potential problems that will require a rebuild?

Thank you,

Apple & Google both send out email alerts to developers for stuff like that. This is really on you, not Volt, to make sure your app stays in compliance.

While both app stores frequently update their app upload requirements, they rarely will require an existing app to be rebuilt and reuploaded.

I have an app right now in both stores I last built and uploaded nearly three years ago. Sure, many many requirements have changed since then, but the app is still available and runs on all platforms. Now if I needed to change that app, I would have to bring it up to current app store requirements.