Where is the iOS icon held?

I’m trying to change the iOS icon for my app. My config file says "<icon src=“icon.png” and there is only one icon.png in my app directory structure, but when I load my app built in debug mode onto my iPhone, an old version of the icon is shown. Where else could it be picking the icon up from? Is there somewhere else apart from config.xml where the icon location is configured?

Can you share the link you’re using to load the app to your device?

Here’s the QR code that the build process produced:

Looks like that link is not correct. Try this one:

This is the icon I see embedded in your IPA. Is this correct?

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 3.57.23 PM

No, that’s the old one. Here’s the one that’s in my source directory structure:
You can see it’s the same but with the word “Selection” superimposed in red. This is to distinguish it from a family of apps that all use the Mont Blanc branding

Would it help if I sent you the zip file I submitted to VoltBuilder?

Sorry - Matterhorn!!! Forgotten my own corporate branding!!!

That would be very helpful.

How do I do that? The zip file is 22.2MB. It’s in my Dropbox, so I could share the file via Dropbox if you send me your email address. Or is there a mechanism within your support system to deposit large files?

You can email the link to support@volt.build - thanks!

The link should have been sent to you. If not, please let me know

Looking at your config.xml, here’s the issue:

    <icon src="icon.png" />
    <!-- ... -->
    <platform name="ios">
        <!-- ... -->
        <icon height="20" src="icons/Icon20x20.png" width="20" />
        <icon height="40" src="icons/Icon40x40.png" width="40" />
        <icon height="180" src="icons/Icon180x180.png" width="180" />
        <icon height="80" src="icons/Logo_80x80.png" width="80" />
        <icon height="120" src="icons/Icon120x120.png" width="120" />
        <icon height="1024" src="icons/Logo_1024x1024.png" width="1024" />
        <!-- ... -->

While you’ve provided a global icon, you’ve overridden that icon for iOS. If you update the other icons in the icons directory it should work.

Thanks, that’s great. Thanks for your help!