WhiteList plugin

UserError: WhiteList plugin is now built in. Please remove from your config.xml. https://volt.build/docs/android_12/#get-rid-of-the-whitelist-plugin

when i removed the plugin my app is not working at all. Even I cant login to app before this all things are ok. Please provide solution to this or give permission to add whitelist plugin while building app. Otherwise it will not work at all.

The only way you can continue to use the whitelist plugin would be to fallback to Cordova Android engine 9. We don’t disallow the plugin - it’s actually disallowed by Cordova.

However, the functionality should be built in and work identically. Here’s the documentation: Manage App's Allow List - Apache Cordova

I suspect you are running into an HTTPS issue. I would suggest checking the remote debugger to see what issues are appearing in the console: Troubleshooting | VoltBuilder

Please let me know what you see.

I tried to use engine 9 but its giving issue of Android X. I am using web services with http only for that i m using clear texttraffic. please guide its really urgent. when i am using whitelist is not building.

You will need to use the remote debugger and see what the exact problem is. Let me know what you find and we can go from there.