Whitelisting of plugins

I use these plugins in one of my applications:

  • cordova-plugin-autostart: I could work around this, but it’s the only autotart plugin I know of
  • com.unarin.cordova.beacon: The only plugin supporting iBeacon in a good way for both Android and iOS
  • cordova-plugin-ios-ble-permissions: There might be other ways, but this is how I secure the right configuration for using BLE (in this case for the beacon plugin)

You judge whether they should be considered trusted. Maybe there could be an option to override whitelisting.

We have to be careful with plugins. A badly behaved one could affect more than just the current job. We vet each one to make sure is should be OK.

We’re concentrating on getting VoltBuilder out for release, so approval of additional plugins may slow a bit temporarily.

I understand. I’m not really working on this app right now, and autostart can be removed entirely (a specific customer’s request, but the customer doesn’t use the app anymore). It’s harder to get around the beacon plugin, so I’ll probably come back to that.

Please do - we’re in a final push right now.