Windows Builds Time Out

Hi, we are repeatedly getting tis messag when doing a build for Windows, and didn’t get it before New Year as far as I can tell.
UserError: Command took too long to execute:
Command ‘[‘cordova.cmd’, ‘platform’, ‘add’, ‘windows’, ‘–nohooks=.’, ‘–verbose’]’ timed out after 300 seconds

  • We have resorted to using Visual Studio, where the builds will take 7 minutes and sometimes more.
    Is there a setting you can change to allow for the longer run?

We should be able to do this.

When did it last happen? I’d like double check the logs to make sure nothing else is going on.

Hi, thanks for the fast response! A customer of mine did it yesterday around 8:10pm PST. This is via our Neptune Software front-end. Let me know if you need me to try it again. I previously tried various different things like removing certain plugins etc. but found no repeatable specific cause.

Thanks - found it. We will look at it today.

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We had a look at the job - yes, it’s doing a lot of stuff and needs the extra time.

We’ve increased the timeout for all Windows builds - let us know how it works for you.

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