Windows Dependencies

We do our builds through the API and we are only able to get the appx. Would it be possible for you to supply us with the Dependencies also?

Can you explain a bit further what you mean by the dependencies? Are you looking for an additional set of files, information? Something else?

Hi James,
yeah it is some extra files that look something like this if you do the build in VisualStudio:

I see - I’ll look into making these available. Can you tell me a bit more about why you need them?

Thanks! The reason we need them is that the apps fail to install with the below message:

When installing via Powershell, I get a more specific message: Provide the framework “Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00.Debug” published by “CN=Microsoft Corporation, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US”, with neutral or x64 processor architecture and minimum version 14.0.27023.1, along with this package to install.

Thanks for the details - I’m curious - does this happen only when building a debug app, or does it also happen when building a release app?

I’ll continue to look into what it will take to provide the Dependencies, but I think it should be possible to do so.

Very good question! I’m trying to figure that out myself right now, my builds with a Release version are failing…

Hi James, the 2 dependencies in question were Microsoft.NET.CoreRuntime.1.1.appx and Microsoft.VCLibs.x64.Debug.14.00.appx. After installing these 2, the main cordova app was able to install no problem. So these are needed once only, but it would be good if they could be made available as part of the package.
I still have not been able to prove if it works fine with a Release build, as opposed to a debug.

I thought this would be the case - debug builds are meant for systems that already have (old) development dependencies installed - thus the issue.

I’ve opened an issue on making the Dependencies folder available and I should have an update on that soon.

Hello :slight_smile:

Got any update on this?

I’m testing the change today and if it works as planned, we’ll move it into production before next week.

Duncan - would you mind sharing your app code with us? I’d like to use it to verify the change we’re working on. You can email it to


Hi James, I’ve mailed it. It is 52MB, so if it does not come through, is there a One Drive or something?

Yep, I got a undeliverable due to size limit.

I can add you to a shared google drive, if you provide me with your google account.

I’ve sent you an invitation. Please let me know when you uploaded the file. Thanks!

Duncan - we’ve not see a file yet. Any chance you could get that to us in the next couple of days? We’d like to get this resolved!


We haven’t heard back from you on this in nearly a week. We’ll assume you’ve solved the issue on your end. Feel free to bring it back up if you need help. Thanks!