WonderPush - Android push notifications

I’m struggling to get WonderPush working to compile an Android app via VoltBuild. The iOS version, compiled manually and outside VB works fine - but the Android version compiled through VB doesn’t work.

I don’t get any logging, notifications, or nothing at all in fact.

Has anyone else successfully used Wonderpush (Cordova) via VoltBuild?

I noticed that the plugins on the Wonderpush website say to install:


And yet on the VB approved plugins list there is only the first one. I’m guessing missing the second one (sdk-fcm) might affect this but can anyone confirm or assist pls?

Many thanks

We can’t produce a lot of support for individual plugins - there are over 1200 on the approved list, none of which are developed or maintained by us.

Wonderpush has come up a couple of times before on this forum - have you reviewed those threads?

Which plugin are you trying? There seem to be several.

Trying to use this one:

I’m just hoping someone else has managed to get it working and can guide me. Reviewed all other threads

If the VoltBuilder build is clean, it should work as far as we’re concerned.

Have you reached out to WonderPush support? We’ll be happy to help them if needed.