WonderPush: Service extension?

This will not build in iOS / wonderpush-cordova-sdk
How can we get this running - handling provisioning profiles for Notification Service Extensions? I got this from WonderPush:

WonderPush adds a service extension to be able to display rich notification content like large images, video and sound.

This service extension is a separate executable (see this article) and this executable has its own bundle ID.

iOS requires all executable to be signed and provisioned with a profile that matches their bundle ID.

Did you try providing your build system with a provisioning profile for the bundle ID


This might solve your problem. If it doesn’t, I suggest you get in touch with the guys at volt.build to ask them about their support for service extensions.


Thank you. We are having a look at this.

What have you tried so far?

Are these the correct docs for what you are trying to do?

YES…Followed their gudieline

<plugin name="wonderpush-cordova-sdk" >
<variable name="CLIENT_ID" value="8bf01681e9ee486870ecd375768xxxxxxxxxx" />
<variable name="CLIENT_SECRET" value="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />
<variable name="SENDER_ID" value="xxxxxxxxx" />
<variable name="REQUIRES_USER_CONSENT" value="true" />

Yes, that looks like the right way to do this. I’ll set up a test project here.