X86 build for Windows

When I do a build from Neptune, and I specify in the Windows preferences as below:

<preference name="windows-arch" value="x86">

The Appx that is created still seems to create an x64 architecture:
Identity Name=“com.etc.etc” Publisher=“CN=Apache Cordova Team” Version=“” ProcessorArchitecture=“x64”
Is there a different way I can specify that I need this to be x86 architecture?

VoltBuilder uses Cordova’s Window Build Platform.

I don’t see any open issues for this in the cordova-windows repo.

Have you looked at the log in detail to see if there are any useful messages?

Hi Ghenne
I did the build directly now, instead of from the Neptune API.
So, when I look in the log file I see it has my preferences from the config.xml, but later where it starts the build, it goes with x64
Using MSBuild v15.9 from c:\vs2017\MSBuild\15.0\Bin
Building project: \platforms\windows\CordovaApp.Windows10.jsproj
Configuration : debug
Platform : x64
Buildflags : /p:AppxBundle=Never
MSBuildTools : c:\vs2017\MSBuild\15.0\Bin
Running command: reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SDKs\Windows /s /v InstallationFolder /reg:32

Can you give me an idea of why you require x86? x64 has been around for nearly 25 years now and I don’t know of any modern CPUs that don’t support it. Do you have an old 32 bit system you’re trying to compile for?

Hi James
Good point! :wink:
It is because of a plugin we are using that only runs when the build is done with x86 architecture.

Which plugin?

It is this one: neptune-sign-plugin - npm

I took a look and this is something that should be easily fixed by the plugin author, or someone who has the expertise to fork the plugin. It’s possible to make a plugin that works for x86 and x64, and that’s all that needs to happen here. Basically the DLL needs to be compiled for x86 and a new framework line needs to be added to the plugin.xml referencing the 64 bit DLL.

Makes sense James, thanks! I am negotiating with the plugin author.