Splash Screen not showing for android app

I have set up the project as per the instructions based on this article Generating Icons and Splash Screens | VoltBuilder . I have added the both the preferences

in config.xml and change the splash screen name to splashTemplate.png and change the size to 2732×2732px .

But still in my app it is showing default Cordova splash screen.

Next step is to look at the log. You should see some messages about creating splash screens.

What email address are you submitting jobs under?

We are getting this log in voltbuilder log for

I am using twirll.developer@twirll.com account to build the app.


I think the problem may be with the formatting of your files. I notice your icon file is 72 dpi, while your splash screen is 96 dpi.

Here are a couple of images which work. Try them in your project. If it works, the problem is with your images.

Thanks for sending me your project.

  1. The project you sent does not build, so I was not able to do anything with it.

  2. Under what conditions are you not seeing the splash screen?

Hi folks, I’m having the same issue here, I’ve tried some Android devices whit Android12 and lower versions and always see the cordova logo in the splash screen :confused: , I’m using the jonathan@simplesolutions.com.ar account to upload the zip. On the log file I can see that the splash images are being created from my splashTemplate.png file, but I don’t know why, I keep seen the cordova logo…

@Seba - what device are you testing on?

Edit: never mind, I am able to reproduce this here.

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@seba - here is what is in your config.xml:

    <platform name="android">
        <allow-intent href="market:*" />
        <preference name="AndroidWindowSplashScreenAnimatedIcon" value="res/screen/android/splashscreen.xml" />
        <preference name="AndroidWindowSplashScreenAnimatedIcon" value="resources/splash.png" />

Notice you have two different values for AndroidWindowSplashScreenAnimatedIcon? It probably cannot find the right one.

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Thanks for finding that :+1:, but it keep doing the same after I’ve removed the first declaration of the AndroidWindowSplashScreenAnimatedIcon preference. In the log I’m seen this:
2022-09-21T14:14:53.851Z cordova-res:platform Using '/resources/splashTemplate.png' for splash source image for android

But I’m still getting the cordova logo on the splash screen not my splashTemplate.png image :confused:

I’m using:
moto g20 - API 30 (real device)
Pixel4 - API 29 (emulator)
generic device - API 31 (emulator)

Same results in all of them.

Could you try moving that preference outside the <platform>...</platform block?

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Yes, in deed if you check the last build was made with the preference tag outside the platform block. I put it just after the <preference name="AutoHideSplashScreen" value="true" />

Your statement is

    <preference name="AndroidWindowSplashScreenAnimatedIcon" value="resources/splash.png" />

but you don’t have a file with that name in your resources folder.

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Thank you!!! Sorry for bothering you whit such a dumb thing :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the good news!

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Hello Support Team,

I have used the same image that was provided by you in the thread and still cordova default image is coming for android 12 devices. I have downloaded the image provided and converted it into the png image.
I am using twirll.developer@twirll.com account to generate the android app.

Are you still seeing this problem? I looked at your latest build and it seems fine.

I’m having the same issue trying to use Voltbuilder generated Icons and Splash screens. Everything works fine except the splash screen does not show for Android. It shows the Voltbuilder splash screen instead. Is there a solution?

Here is my config.XML file info -


<author email="[email@sample.com](mailto:email@sample.com)" href="http://sample.com">Author</author>

<preference name="android-build-tool" value="gradle" />

<preference name="permissions" value="none" />

<preference name="prerendered-icon" value="true" />

<preference name="android-windowSoftInputMode" value="adjustResize" />

<!--<preference name="SplashScreen" />-->

<preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="1500" />

<preference name="AutoHideSplashScreen" value="true" />

<!--<preference name="SplashShowOnlyFirstTime" value="false" />

<preference name="FadeSplashScreen" value="false" />

<preference name="ShowSplashScreenSpinner" value="false" />-->

<preference name="DisallowOverscroll" value="true" />

<preference name="StatusBarOverlaysWebView" value="false" />

<preference name="StatusBarStyle" value="lightcontent" />

<preference name="StatusBarDefaultScrollToTop" value="false" />

<preference name="StatusBarBackgroundColor" value="#000000" />

<preference name="android-minSdkVersion" value="22" />

<preference name="android-targetSdkVersion" value="31" />

<engine name="android" spec="11.0.0" />

<engine name="ios" spec="6.1.0" />

<preference name="PreferredContentMode" value="mobile" />

<preference name="scheme" value="app" />

<preference name="hostname" value="localhost" />

<access origin="*" />

<access origin="oasisws2.passtimeusa.com" />

<access origin="passtimeusa.com" />

<allow-navigation href="*" />

<allow-intent href="*" />

<!-- <plugin name="cordova-plugin-whitelist" /> -->

<!--<plugin name="cordova-plugin-splashscreen" onload="true" /> -Removed 11/4/22 because of Android -->

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-ios-longpress-fix" />

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-statusbar" onload="true" />

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-webviewcolor" />

<platform name="ios">

<preference name="AllowUntrustedCerts" value="true" />

<preference name="InterceptRemoteRequests" value="all" />

<preference name="allowFileAccessFromFileURLs" value="true" />

<preference name="allowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs" value="true" />

<feature name="StatusBar">

<param name="ios-package" value="CDVStatusBar" onload="true" />


<preference name="StatusBarOverlaysWebView" value="false" />

<preference name="StatusBarStyle" value="lightcontent" />

<preference name="StatusBarBackgroundColor" value="#000000" />

<preference name="StatusBarDefaultScrollToTop" value="false" />

<edit-config target="NSCameraUsageDescription" file="*-Info.plist" mode="merge">

<string>This app requires access to your camera to upload photos or scan barcodes</string>


<!-- 2732x2732 -->

<!--<splash src="[res/Default@2x~universal~anyany.png](mailto:res/Default@2x~universal~anyany.png)" />

<icon src="res/PackageIcons.iOS.iTunesArtwork.png" platform="ios" width="1024" height="1024" />

<icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-1024.png" width="1024" height="1024"/>

<icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-small.png" width="29" height="29"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-small@2x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-small@2x.png)" width="58" height="58"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-small@3x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-small@3x.png)" width="87" height="87"/>

<icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-small-40.png" width="40" height="40"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-small-40@2x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-small-40@2x.png)" width="80" height="80"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-small-40@3x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-small-40@3x.png)" width="120" height="120"/>

<icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-small-50.png" width="50" height="50"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-small-50@2x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-small-50@2x.png)" width="100" height="100"/>

<icon src="res/icon/ios/icon.png" width="57" height="57"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon@2x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon@2x.png)" width="114" height="114"/>

<icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-60.png" width="60" height="60"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-60@2x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-60@2x.png)" width="120" height="120"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-60@3x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-60@3x.png)" width="180" height="180"/>

<icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-72.png" width="72" height="72"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-72@2x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-72@2x.png)" width="144" height="144"/>

<icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-76.png" width="76" height="76"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-76@2x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-76@2x.png)" width="152" height="152"/>

<icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-167.png" width="167" height="167"/>

<icon src="[res/icon/ios/icon-83.5@2x.png](mailto:res/icon/ios/icon-83.5@2x.png)" width="167" height="167"/>-->


<!-- <plugin name="phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner" source="npm"> -->

<plugin name="phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner-android12" source="npm">

<param name="CAMERA_USAGE_DESCRIPTION" value="The app requires access to the camera to scan barecodes" />


<plugin name="cordova-plugin-inappbrowser"/>

<platform name="android">

<!--<preference name="AndroidWindowSplashScreenAnimatedIcon" value="[res/Default@2x~universal~anyany.png](mailto:res/Default@2x~universal~anyany.png)" />

<preference name="AndroidWindowSplashScreenBackground" value="#FFFFFF" />

<preference name="SplashMaintainAspectRatio" value="true"/>

<preference name="SplashShowOnlyFirstTime" value="false" />

<icon density="ldpi" src="res/icon/android/ldpi.png"/>

<icon density="mdpi" src="res/icon/android/mdpi.png"/>

<icon density="hdpi" src="res/icon/android/hdpi.png"/>

<icon density="xhdpi" src="res/icon/android/xhdpi.png"/>

<icon density="xxhdpi" src="res/icon/android/xxhdpi.png"/>

<icon density="xxxhdpi" src="res/icon/android/xxxhdpi.png"/>

--><!-- Portrait --><!--

<splash density="port-ldpi" src="res/screen/android/splash-port-ldpi.png"/>

<splash density="port-mdpi" src="res/screen/android/splash-port-mdpi.png"/>

<splash density="port-hdpi" src="res/screen/android/splash-port-hdpi.png"/>

<splash density="port-xhdpi" src="res/screen/android/splash-port-xhdpi.png"/>

<splash density="port-xxhdpi" src="res/screen/android/splash-port-xxhdpi.png"/>

<splash density="port-xxxhdpi" src="res/screen/android/splash-port-xxxhdpi.png"/>-->



Tip : If you’re pasting code, html or config files, surround the code with triple back ticks (```), before the first line and after the last one. It will be formatted properly. (We fixed it for you this time)

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What version of Android are you using?

Android 13