Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key

Hello all,

I wanted to upload my app bundle to Play Store but got the following eror message:

Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. Ensure that your App Bundle is signed with the correct signing key and try again. Your app bundle is expected to be signed with the certificate with fingerprint:

SHA1: 59:BB:AB:86:6D:************************************************

but the certificate used to sign the app bundle that you uploaded has fingerprint:

SHA1: 41:3C:CC:18:23:B5:42:******************************************

I created the certificate with VoltSigner and updated the json file.

How do I resolve this?

Was the app already in the Play Store? Are you updating it?

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No. It’s a new app.

The Play Store has recently undergone some changes. We don’t claim to be experts in how the Play Store works, so be patient and look at the Google’s docs.

Is this the first time you are uploading the app? Or has it already been uploaded with a different key?

It is the first time.

Are you uploading directly to the Play Store, or are you having VoltBuilder do the upload?

There are some suggestions here:

I think I’ve found the explanation. Here is your voltbuilder.json file:

    "platform": "android",
    "androidPackageType": "bundle",
    "release": "release"

You don’t specify the following fields:

    "androidAlias": "key0",
    "androidAliasPassword": "mypassword",
    "androidKeystore": "certificates/android.p12",
    "androidKeystorePassword": "mypassword",

Since you are not supplying an androidKeystore, VoltBuilder creates new one for you, each time you build.

The Google Pay Store expects you to always used the same androidKeystore for a given app.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Generate a keystore of your own using VoltSigner.
  2. Update your voltbuilder.json with the information from VoltSigner.
  3. Put the new .p12 file into a certificates folder in your project.
  4. Delete the existing project on the Google Play Store - the key it has does not match your new one, and there is no way to update it.
  5. Create a new project on the Google Play Store.
  6. Upload your project to that.

OK. Will try that. Thanks

Hi guys, I have the same problem but with an App that was already published trough VoltBuild, I’ve check several times and according to my repo the keystore file is the same than the used on the last successful deploy, this is mi voltbuilder.json content:

{"androidAlias": "****",
  "androidAliasPassword": "****",
  "androidKeystore": "certificates/android.keystore",
  "androidKeystorePassword": "****",
  "googlePlayKey": "certificates/google-api.json",
  "googlePlayTrack": "production",
  "androidPackageType": "bundle",
  "iosDevP12": "certificates/dev.p12",
  "iosDevP12Password": "****",
  "iosDevelopment": "certificates/ssdev.mobileprovision",
  "iosDistP12": "certificates/dist.p12",
  "iosDistP12Password": "****",
  "iosDistribution": "certificates/ssdist.mobileprovision",
  "iosPackageType": "app-store",
  "itunesAccount": "****@****",
  "itunesAppPassword": "****-****-****-****",
  "platform": "android",
  "release": "release"}

Am I missing something?

What is the exact message you are getting? What have you tried to resolve the problem?

Hi, this is the message: UserError: Error uploading to Google Play Store: The Android App Bundle was signed with the wrong key. Found: SHA1: 78:30:33:4F:8E::::::::::::::, expected: SHA1: 5E:C7:FC:32:3E::::::::::::::.
And the only thing that occurred to me was to check if the Keystore file was the same as the one used the last time and it is the same, which don’t let me much to do…

I’m seeing a different error message for your builds now. Did you get past this issue?

I continued deploying another app, but now you should see as last action one case of this issue.

Are you referring to this thread?

I’m used to getting some help here but instead seems like you only want to say something to have the last word, even when that word isn’t helping anybody :confused: . The other issue is another issue, here I’m telling you that I’m having a punctual error of switching Keystore files not in one but with two apps. I haven’t changed the Keystore file since the last deployment, so please, I need you to tell me why is this happening and how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your help.

The difficulty here is that the message is coming from Google, not VoltBuilder. We’re not experts in how Google Play works, but they do have extensive documentation.

Since VoltBuilder is building successfully, it looks like your project and the keystore file are properly configured.

The issue is that the keystore file you are uploading is not what Google Play is expecting.

You can verify the keystore you are uploading by using a utility like KeyStore Explorer. It will open your keystore file and show you its fingerprint.

Can you upload manually?

Well I checked the keystore with KeyStore Explorer as you suggest and I can confirm that at this moment voltbuild tool is singing the bundle with the right keystore :+1:.
It’s posible that in that first deployment when voltbuild generate that .aab to upload manually, it has generated a new kestore file instead of using the one on the certificates folder? :thinking: Google ask for a keystore with a fingerprint that I don’t have on any project, I double checked that.

Ok, so the problem looks like it’s at Google’s end.

You’ll need to work with Google’s docs and their support to find out more. Could you report back here what you find? I’ll bet others could run into the same situation.

yes i am updating why see this issue

yes im updating app but show this error